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Want Luxury Packaging For Your Products? Here’s A Guide!

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Want Luxury Packaging For Your Products? Here’s A Guide!

Most customers have had at least one experience with quality packaging. The term ‘luxury packaging’ may mean different things for different products, but the idea is to offer a more upscale experience. There are many brands that spend thousands of dollars in getting the design right, although it doesn’t always have to cost a fortune. Often, it is more about ideas and how you make the entire package a complete ‘deal’ in itself. In this post, we are discussing everything you need to know about custom luxury packaging.

  • Keep things minimal. If you check the boxes of luxury perfumes and cosmetic products, you will realize that there is very little information on the label. In fact, they only print the things required, and often stick to nice but muted shades. Even the gold and silver prints are simplified, with more use of colors like pastels.

  • Make this an unboxing experience. There is a reason why all those YouTube Bloggers swear by the unboxing process. How the customer opens a box, the number of folds and steps involved, and other aspects, do make an impact on the experience. When you think of luxury packaging, always keep in mind that you are offering something more than the product.
  • Represent your brand wisely. As cliché as it may sound, luxury packaging must be about the brand as much as about the product. Make sure that you go for contrast colors, but doesn’t have to be super bright. Keep some of the aspects, such as the brand logo, consistent, even if you choose to rethink the design at some point.
  • Add suspense. It is absolutely important to create suspense when it comes to luxury packaging. Make the product worth opening up, and yes, the actual product does matter for sure, but it has to be extremely surprising for the buyer. You can also choose to add a small card inside the box.

  • Think of fragrance. There is a reason why many products come in fragrant boxes. This is just a simple way of telling the customer as what they can expect from the box. The idea works well for all kinds of gifts, cosmetics and even food products.

Final word

Don’t shy away from experimenting with luxury packaging. As long as it creates a good impression of your brand, that extra price is definitely worth paying for that better box.