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Easy Ways to Encourage Your Child for Imaginative Play

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When it comes to children’s play, there are various types of play. One of these is imaginative play. For children’s proper development, just like other types of plays, imaginative play is important too.

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In short, you have to encourage and support imaginative play with your children. But what is it and how to encourage it?

Imaginative play is basically when kids are playing roles and are performing as if they are someone else. During this time, children try to imitate their adults and go through their experiences.

Thus your child can get engaged into imaginative play where he can act as a parent, teacher, chef, workman, pilot, gardener or any other person or thing.

He may do experimentations with decision making on how to practise social skills and how to behave.

Kids keep learning from their experiences, from what takes place around them, and what they see, smell, taste, hear and touch.

To absorb and reflect those experiences and make sense of the world, they should get engaged into imaginative play.

You as adults may typically undervalue imaginative play. It is a child’s way of engaging into and making sense of the surrounding world.

Role play may seem to be a simple activity; however, within it, children get an opportunity to learn real life skills like dressing themselves and children (dolls), cooking, travelling, and more.

A Place for Your Child

Children need a space of their very own where they can engage into imaginative play. You can allot them a separate room or even a corner of a room.

Check out for kids playhouse at Step2 Direct that can be a great place for imaginative play where a lovely princess has been kept captive by a devil.

You can even convert your dining table into a cubby house, another great place for imaginative play, by removing all the chairs and covering the table with sheets.

Similarly, closets and couches too can act as great places for imaginative play. They can act as caves or tunnels where kids can imitate to explore or investigate things.

Just be careful with your furniture like closets, shelves and drawers which have doors which kids should not be able to close to get trapped inside.

In that case, play tents, teepees and canopies can serve the most fun and safest places for children to create their imaginary dream world.

Once you provide them with a great place to start their imaginative play, you can also provide various props and toys to add to the fun.

Props and Toys

You don’t need to spend a lot on new toys and props to place in your child’s cubby house. You can even find props in your home.

For example, cardboard boxes can serve as computers, beds for sick animals and even cash registers.

In addition, you can provide old clothes, hats, wigs, handbags, makeup boxes and many other items to them and they will imagine them as something else but more exciting.

As you can shop for a swing and slide set at Step2 Direct, you can also buy toys to serve as items in your children’s castle to encourage imaginative play.

So, go ahead and see your child having fun in acting like someone else!

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